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Healthy Profit Book

Retta Flagg is one of the contributing authors of this incredibly rich resource manual for HR professionals and wellness coordinators. This book introduces an array of wellness assessment tools, exercises, and great ideas to enhance personal wellness.

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Our professional therapists are qualified in the following areas of massage therapy modalities:

You do not have to be a pro football player or a member of a hockey team to need the benefits of a great massage. If you are a mother lifting groceries and babies or a construction worker climbing about and using heavy tools all day, you can benefit physically from massage therapy. If you are a person who sits behind a desk, bombarded by stressful phone calls or a person who works against a constant deadline, you qualify to beat the stress with massage therapy.

Wellness is a concept in which a person takes personal responsibility for his/her state of health. It is a preventive plan in which a person makes a conscious effort to recognize conditions, situations, and practices that may affect health positively or negatively, be it nutrition, exercise, or rest and relaxation needs. The effects of stress are cumulative, as are the effects of massage.

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